V i n e y a r d

7 hectares | 5 vineyead


The Gauer vineyard is clearly the centre of our holdings and the pillar of our development. – 3 hectares of contiguous land, well defined and enclosed on all sides. We consider organic farming to be our future. All the land we farm is protected with minimal and targeted plant protection. Only mechanical weed control is carried out in the fields and we are currently experimenting with mulching. We are currently farming our vineyards according to the agri-environmental management, but on our Gauer vineyard we have opportunity to experiment with organic farming. Our lands have distant neighbours, with minimal chemical disturbance.

Stubenvoll Pince - Soproni Borvidék - Sopron Ternékfotók

Weidengrund – 1 hectare

A strongly clayey brown forest floor formed on Pannonian sedimentary rocks of Tertiary age. Zenit and Rizlingszilváni

Gauer – 3 hectares

Tertiary, partly moderately compacted, partly clayed brown earth formed on Pannonian sedimentary rocks.

Kékfrankos, Pinot noir, Merlot, Zweigelt, Cabernet sauvingon.

Frettner – 1 hectare

Tertiary, strongly clayed brown earth formed on Pannonian sedimentary rocks. Syrah and Zweigelt.

Gradina – 0,3 hectare

Fertőboz- Vineyard behind Gloriette lookout, with chalky subsoil. Lime-rich, stony soil. Furmint (expected planting spring of 2024).

Koglberg – 0,3 hectare

The village of Harka, south of the town, and the foothills of the mountain are surrounded by vineyards. It is a cooler, windy region, similar to Champagne, thanks to its calcareous, stony soil Zöldveltelini.

Soproni Wine Region

S o p r o n

Planting on 2021

F r e t t n e r v i n e y a r d

In the week before Easter, we planted a few more rows of vines.

Stubenvoll Pince - Soproni Borvidék - Sopron Szőlő ültetés-17

It’s been two years since the Frettner planting. We are confident that in 2024 we will be able to boast a sufficient quantity of grapes with a good sugar content after the harvest.