SPRN Red Cuvée

Also blended with 80% Kékfrankos, 12% Syrah and 8% Cabernet Sauvingon. A lighter red wine that is easy to drink in spring and summer as well, even a little chilled. It is a full-bodied, layered but softer red wine.
Curiosities from the winegrowers

As we are talking about 5 varieties,
so the Zweigelt and Pinot noir are slightly overripe, the Merlot and the Kékfrankos are just at perfect ripeness, and the Cabernet sauvignon is a little premature. Each variety adds to its structure,
showing how we imagine the everyday red wine, which is an unusual Sopron red wine.
The maturation is as follows: 1/3 in steel tanks and 2/3 in well-tried 500 litre barrels.

Varieties: 40% Kékfrankos, 30% Zweigelt, 17% Merlot, 10% Cabernet sauvignon, 3% Pinot Noir
Year of planting: 2002-2016
Farming type: medium-high cordon
Population: 3800-4600/ha
Soil: Tertiary, partly moderately compacted, partly clayed brown earth formed on Pannonian sedimentary rocks.
Growing area: Gauer
Quantity: 7000
Alcohol: 13%
Extrakt: 27,7 g/l
Sugar: 1,9 g/l
Titratable acidity: 5,1 g/l